ALacriti accelerates M/WBE bond readiness and business development through an online capacity building tool.  Delivery of one on one technical assistance and mentor protege relationship company expansion.  It allows companies to understand their position regarding these key strategic issues, make wiser and more-well informed decisions, and is the basis for advisement on how to improve each companies position.

ALacriti provides a spider graph reporting tool to visualize the business capacity score.  In addition, it delivers a robust list of recommendations, as a baseline of the capacity score generated by the survey.  This score provides a predictable metric that determines whether a firm would need, one on one technical assistance, mentor/protégé management training, contract biding opportunities and referral to partner resources.  Through our partner resources, Agencies, M/WBE firms and Contractors across 50 states can utilize data to support and maximize the capacity of M/WBEs nationwide.


Companies use ALacriti to:  

  • Level set their branding, marketing, sales and go-to-market efforts across all stakeholders;
  • Identify areas of agreement and consensus on and contrasting effective from ineffective strategies;
  • Identify gaps and discrepancies within the organization -– identifying these gaps is the first step to fixing them;
  • Get issues out in the open as a catalyst to in-depth discussion on addressing them;
  • Obtain critical customer feedback on quality, price and delivery;
  • Management self-report to assess and predict performance in key business areas to drive growth;
  • Access back-office support.

Government agencies use ALacriti to:

  • Conduct due diligence on the qualifications of new M/WBE Architects & Engineers,
    Construction, Professional Services, and Vendors;
  • Gage the overall health of an organization from a perspective that has not been clearly
  • Integrate M/WBE and DBE certification to ensure that certification is aligned with capacity assessment, which will enable M/WBE firms to compete and win millions in contract opportunities;
  • Drive agency M/WBE and DBE utilization rates by cultivating a pool of M/WBE firms with the capacity to meet construction industry demands.